Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SearchWiki A stupid update by Google!!!!!!

Google has launched its new update named “Searchwiki” on 20 November 2008. With the help of this new feature user can customize its search results. User can delete, resort, reorder or reassemble search results against any keyword. User can also add comments to the individual search results for future reference and aid.



Many of the people are thinking that they can now boost their ranking up with the help of searchWiki as they can move their desired website to the top of the search result page against a specific keyword. People think that there is now no need of SEO as their websites ranked toped according to their own criteria with the help of SearchwWiki. Unfortunatley this is not with the case of actual performance of SearchWiki. The changes made by the individual will be limited to his or her account and will not affect the overall ranking of the organic results at Google. However In the future Google can use customized search results on SearchWiki to enhance of drop the ranking of a specific website.
For Example if 1000 people search the keyword “real estate” in searchWiki and out of those 1000 people 900 removed the first website against that keyword from their personalized search result Google will definitely think to drop the ranking of that particular website as said by Marissa Mayer. “Search is adapting to the Internet as it becomes a more participatory medium. Now you have people telling us specific things about how they would like to see their search results. You could imagine if we do see a particular site, (about which) people have a unanimous opinion, which might trigger external things. Like maybe we should check out our spam control,”
The good thing about the SearchWiki is that you can bookmark the pages now with the help of Google, You can also add a search result if it is not present against your search query. You can add, delete and re sort the results according to your own will.
However, there are certain things, which are stupid in SearchWiki, for example, you cannot toggle in Standerad and SearchWiki mode. You have to log out from the SearchWiki to switch to the toggle view. Comments are public and have no privacy. You can have a look on the comments made by other people as well.
In my opinion, SerachWiki is a stupid update by Google. It will confuse the people in terms of their rankings and Organic search results. It will also make SEO Illiterate people to think that they can achieve top ranking without implementing SEO tips and Techniques. Most of the people think its weird and want to disable the feature without logging out however still there is no option to disable SearchWiki without logging out. For now, SearchWiki is only available for the English-US Google. To try it, click on “Go to” or “ in English” on Google’s homepage