Thursday, November 27, 2008

Index in Google just in 24 Hours

This is the dream of a newbie to index with Google as soon as she or he has launched the website or blog. You manually submit your URL to Google after the creation of your blog or website so that Google bot can crawl and cache your website as soon as you upload the website. However being indexed by Google was never as easy as it is today. You indexed in Google with simple and smart tricks explain below.
1. Add the website in the webmaster add URL tool
2. Don’t forget to add a site map of your website
3. Submit your website to Digg
4. Submit your website to pining sites like ping o matic. Each time your blog or website is updated a ping is sent to these websites.
5. Link it to a high PR page. Try to link it with a page having PR 3 or above three
6. Get Signature Link from a highly ranked page of a forum

Another and quiet simple way to get your website Indexed without doing any work, it was just visit your site again and again and was frequently using your site in one day, due to which Google bot crawled in your site and it was indexed fast.