Friday, December 19, 2008

What is Keyword Density and how to use keywords in content?

What is Keyword Density?
Almost all of us know that if we want to bring our website or blog at the top ranking in Google we have to use that Keyword in our content to an optimum level. However the use of a certain keyword must be viewed carefully and properly as Google or other search engines may consider this thing as spamming. So what is the appropriate level of density of a certain keyword in your content? According my SEO Experience there is no such proven keyword density formula which makes you sure that after implementing that formula you will rank at top against a key phrase in certain search engine. However there is a matter of common sense about the usage of the keywords in your content. This common sense varies from person to person and this is called your keyword density formula.
According to my SEO Experience and my SEO Tips I use following simple and easy steps to calculate density of keywords in my content.
•Write down the content in any editing software like MS Word or any other of your choice.
•Now use a tool called word count to count the total number of words in your content.
•Now suppose you want to optimize your content for a certain keyword say “SEO Tips
•Use the Find tool of the editing software to find out the keyword “SEO Tips” in your content.
•Highlight the Keyword “SEO Tips
•Now manually count how many times this keyword appears in your content.
•Now suppose the total number of words in your content are 1000
•Say you have used “SEO Tips” 10 times in your content.
•Simply divide number of keywords with total number of words in your content.
•The answer will be 10 divided by 1000 = 0.01
•Now Keyword density is the percentage of the keyword used in the content so the result will be multiplied by 100 to find out the percentage
•Now keyword density will be 1 percent

Appropriate Keyword Density in Content
Now the question arises what is the appropriate keyword density which must be followed. There is no hard and fast rule of having a particular keyword density but it’s recommended that your keyword density must be ranged from 3% to 5%. However Google algorithm changes this range from time to time

Where to use Keywords to achieve appropriate Keyword Density?

No this is very important question that where to use keywords to achieve keyword density and to avoid spamming. For example you have a content consisting of 200 words. To achieve 5% keyword density you have to use a certain keyword 10 times in the content according to our formula that is 200 into 0.050 =10. Now if you use the keyword only in the content it can be consider as spamming by the search engines. Here are a few locations where you can place your keywords to avoid spamming
•Try to use the keywords in Heading and sub headings
•Use keyword in the Meta tag of that particular page
•Try to use keyword in bullet listing or try to use in bold or italic format
•Try to break the content in various paragraphs and spread the keywords in those paragraphs
•Try to avoid the use of keyword twice in a line
•Try to use Keywords in the bread crumbs

By using these SEO tips you can surely achieve optimum keyword density with avoiding any penalty by search engine for spamming.
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