Monday, December 15, 2008

Role of Meta Tags in SEO

Well all of those who are new in the SEO Business have heard about the term Meta tags and their importance in the SEO. People say that Meta tags play an important role in boosting your ranks in Google. Yes, it is right but let me explain you that Meta tags are not Magical Miracles, which can take your website on the top of a search engine. According to many SEO experts appropriate Meta tags is one of the many SEO Tips must be followed to achieve high rankings in Google or any other search engine.
A few years back Meta tags were really magic bullets and were one of the most efficient and widely used methods to boost search engine ranking. However, Meta tags are still effective to be notice by any search engine.
What is a Meta Tag?
• A Meta tag is a hidden tag in the head section of any blog or website
• Meta tag provides additional information of your document to the search engine
• It has three section content, name, and http eqiv
• Meta tags do not have a closing tag
SEO Related Meta Tags
The most commonly and widely used Meta tag, which also related to SEO enhancement of your website is name and content Meta Tag. Content can be any valid string and name contains value that is useful for the page.
Parts of Meta name tag

    <meta name="keywords" content="SEO, SEO Tips, Search Engine optimization, SEO Experience, SEO Experience">

  • description - a short description of the page

    <meta name="description"
    content="Boost your marketing strategy with SEO Tips">

  • author - the author's name and possibly email address

    <meta name="author" content="creative182002">

  • robots - to allow or disallow indexing by robots

    <meta name="robots" content="noindex">

  • copyright - the copyright date of the page

    <meta name="copyright" content="December 2008">

    SEO Tips to Enhance Meta Tags
    • Meta tags are use in head section of the HTML page. Always use the keywords and description related to your website and blog in Meta tags
    •Describe your page and website in a one-line description. Do not use long phrases or paragraphs in your description tags.
    •Do not spam your keyword tag with a long list of the keywords, only add those keywords for which you are sure that your website related to and people can find you easily using those keywords.
    Example of Meta Tags
    Copy the below mentioned code and add this code to the head section of your website. You have to add your keywords and description in the content section of the below mentioned code


    <meta name="keywords" content="SEO, SEO Tips, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Expereince">

    <meta name="description" content="SEO Tips for all your needs.">


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