Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good Operating System Introduces Cloud Operating Systems

Gos or good Operating Systems that is widely known by their Wal-Mart computers have launched a new browser based operating system called “Cloud”. With the help of this Operating System you can access web based service and applications like Google, Yahoo and Live without booting your Windows Operating System. The first demonstration of cloud operating system was on Netbook World Summit on a Gigabyte touch screen. You can use this operating system for basic computing over the internet and can switch to your Xp or Windows operating system for further computing. Cloud not only support emails and web applications but can be used to browse MP3 and flash visuals as well. The intimate access to the web by Cloud operating system powered by compressed Linux based Kernel with the help of which you can have full control on your computer with the help of this browser.

Cloud features a beautifully designed browser with an icon dock for shortcuts to favorite apps, tabs for multi-tasking between web and rich client apps, and icons to switch to Windows, power off, and perform other necessary system functions. Users power on their computers, quickly boot into Cloud for Internet and basic applications, and then just power off or boot into Windows for powerful desktop applications.
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