Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is Yahoo Web Analytics faster than Google Analytics??

Yahoo claims that the Yahoo Analytics is faster than Google Analytics is, launched three years before than the Yahoo Web Analytics. Both the software are almost similar and perform similar task of tracking website traffic, top geo locations and the number of visitors visiting the website from various sources for example, search engine, referring websites of direct traffic. The Interface of both the Software is almost same. Yahoo Web Analytics claims to be faster than that of Google Analytics. Yahoo Web Analytics claims that Google Analytics almost take the whole day in rendering the data and statistics and do not provide its users with instant updates. Yahoo claims that its Software updated within minutes showing the actual picture of the traffic of specific website to its users. Yahoo web Analytics claims that they provide aggregated data in the form of raw facts that helps the user to decide instantly which steps they must take to enhance the traffic on a certain webpage. Yahoo web analytics is also launching an API with the help f which user can back up the data, can transfer the data to another system and many other tasks. These features are currently unavailable in Google Analytics.
However officially Yahoo web Analytics claims that they are not a competitor to Google as their aim is to serve different audiences. They say Yahoo web Analytics is target to serve the
E Commerce websites and small business holders over the Internet.


Jimmy Jarred said...

I am in favor of Google analytics. It do provides more features and functions. But after reading all these points I would like to know more about Yahoo analytics.
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