Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Get out of sandbox just in 2 days Wowwwwww

Well I have got a tip indeed a technique to pull your website from Google sand box just in 2 to 3 days. Most of the people struggle to pull their sites out of sand box just by making links and crazy link building indeed helps you out of the sand box. However this is a very long process indeed and may take weeks or even months,
There is a certain technique which I find to pull your website out of Sandbox in just two days is

Lets say you have a new website which is currently in sandbox against every keyword. Say the name of the website is
1. Take all the pages of your new website and place them in the directory of your established and well developed website.
2. Now create a sub domain of your established site which points towards your new website
3. Link the sub domain with the main page of the established site.
4. Ping Google to re spider the established site and crawl the link towards your new site
5. Use 301 redirect from your sub domain to new site

with this process Google will assume that your website has been moved to new address and it will crawl and Cache your New website with out any doubt that this is a new website.