Thursday, December 4, 2008

Technical Glitch in Adword: Adword Payment Failed

I manage Adwords campaigns for a couple of clients and 3 of them have had their campaigns suspended because of payment failure.The problem only started happening this week and I've verified that their credit cards were valid/had sufficient funds.I contacted my Adwords Agency Manager and they've notified me there's a technical glitch and Google's engineers are still trying to resolve it. Before this technical Glitch I also faced a technical problem as an post paid customer. My client choose to be a post paid customer of the Google adwords and we add up our credit card information along with all the necessary details. However the Campaign never started and gave strange errors that you have reached your daily campaign budget, It was very irritating as client need instant update for his Adwords Campaign. I try my best to resolve the problem with the Google adsense payment module, I also mailed to the support center of the Google adwords team to switch my account from the post paid to the prepaid one so that I can start my Google adwords campaign but I didn't receive a single reply. Then I find out some help on the internet and came to know that the post paid account cannot be changed into a pre paid account. Ultimately I have to delete my Google adwords account and I built a new account for my Google adwords Campaign.

Anyone else have this problem?
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