Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Piad PR??????? Is that coming Next from Google

Well, its a rumor in the industry from many days that Google is going to start a new PR Plan which is the paid PR. Google will start bidding on the PR and people can place the bids against the highest PR in a certain Niche.
Well what do you think Google is going to do that or not. I mean Paid PR means the denial of all the SEO algorithms on the bases of which Google rank or drop a website. Do you think it will going to work, If yes It can make Google earn trillions of dollars.
However it will make SEO dead if Google starts the paid PR , it will ruin the whole internet Marketing and everythin related to SEO and SEM. Please discuss your views and news about this rumor. Is it true that Google is going to launch a paid PR campaign or its just a fake new