Sunday, December 14, 2008

Steps in Keywords Research and Placement

Steps in Keywords Research and Placement
Today I am going to write one of the most important aspects of on page SEO that is keyword selection and placement of the keywords on your web pages or websites. Right keyword placement and selection plays an important role in boosting the ranking of your website in various search engines.
The very first step is to analyze your website for traffic. Analyze either your website is receiving traffic or not. If your website is not receiving traffic just sit and brain storm the keywords and right them down in an excel work sheet. Find out the keywords mostly searched in your niche by the people. You can find these keywords with the help of Keywords tools like Google Keywords Tool, Overture and Word Tracker etc.
However if your site is receiving search traffic from any search engine create your own seed list by pasting historical data from search engine in to your own excel worksheet. Now if you feel that you have enough keyword data to use them in your website go on using them however if you think data is still insufficient you can use junk mails, analysis of your competitors website, television programs and news resources to generate fresh and competitive keywords for yourself. You can use dictionary and thesaurus as well to create modifications for your keywords. You can use semantically similar phrases, which you think are the searched most in search engines. You can use the range of keywords tools to find out the best keywords with appropriate search volumes as well. Now when you are ready with your selected terms just open Microsoft Intelligence, Google Keyword Tool or Google Keyword Estimator to find out whether these search terms have sufficient search volume. If you find these search terms have low search volume then promptly discard those search terms for SEO. You can use low volume group in your PPC Campaign later. Do your keyword terms has certain market value for your business if no then discard the low volume search terms. Run a low cost and effective ad word Campaign to find out the conversion estimate for your keywords, traffic and test wording. Discard low performing keywords from your list and use negative keyword to remove irrelevant search results. Align keywords with URLs and store the keywords and the related URLs in the excel file. Use conversions and ranking data to improve your site structure and pages for those you wanted to build the links.

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