Sunday, December 21, 2008

Role of Outbound Links in Search Engine Ranking

Almost all of us know that links play an important role in search engine optimization. Get links is one of the most common SEO Tips that people implement in their SEO. In my SEO Experience, I consider Links as the votes of the other sites given to your own website. The higher the votes your website acquire from other websites, higher will be the ranking of your website in search engine ranking. Your website can have two types of links from the other websites.
  • The Inbound Links or the Back links
  • The outbound Links or External Links
Inbound Links
These are those links, which are coming to your website from the other websites. People recommend having a high number of quality back links achieve high rankings in Google.
Out bound Links or External Links
These are the outgoing links from your website to the other website over the internet. The role of outbound links is a bit controversial in achievement of search engine rankings. In today’s article, we are going to discuss what role actually played by the outbound links to achieve search engine rankings.
Role of out bound links in Search Engine Ranking
There are hundreds of factors on the bases of which a search engine rank a particular website higher and outbound links in one of those factors. According to my SEO Experience out bound links helps you in getting yourself interconnected with web. By help of linking, you make friends and visitors from their website tend to visit your website. Many people say that out bound links breech the quality of your website and results in dropping the PR and traffic statistics of your website. However, according to my SEO Experience if out bound links used with proper caution and knowledge they will indeed help you in gaining both PR and traffic. Here are some SEO Tips that you must follow to place outbound links in your website.
  • Do not add too many out bound links in your website as it may consider spamming by search engines
  • Always try to add the outbound links of those websites that fall into your category and are relevant to your website.
  • Try to add high-ranking websites in your outbound links as it will play a vital role in boosting up your ranking.
  • Do not link spam web sites as search engine can consider your website a spam website
  • Do not link to link farms and automated linking systems
  • Try to use the anchor text wisely and efficiently. Do not use your Keywords in the anchor text. Try to use “Click here” or “Click” as an anchor text for your outbound links.
Advantages of having quality outbound links
  • Linking with the other websites can help you in getting two way traffic that is form their website to yours and from your website to their.
  • You can show your reader that you are interconnected in blogosphere and you are talking on the latest topics being discussed in the blogosphere.
  • Links will help in bringing repeat customers
  • Always keep in mind the universal law that you will definitely receive something after giving
  • Outbound links shows that you have confidence in your website and there is nothing to hide
  • By not linking to the other websites you are sending your visitors back to search engine and you will get nothing out of it
By following these SEO Tips in getting outbound links you will defiantly feel an increase in your website traffic and website ranking
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